Music for Cable

Music for Cable TV Systems and DTH

DMX2GO_LineupWe have been able to successfully deliver music content to several carriers in the US and Latin America,  providing audio delivery services in both video screens on set top boxes, web, mobile, and much more.  Our MEDIA PLUG can generate music channels for cable operators, as well as interface with MEDIAMPLIFY PLATFORM to enable all other outlets including OTT, IPTV, Mobile, and Web.



Sample Genres:


Acoustic:  Acoustic blends, guitar and instrumentals with great flavor



Latin Music: Latin music, merengue, salsa, bachata, latin rock, and many other flavors from Mexico to Argentina



Electronic: The best DJs in the world, techno, electro dance, electronica, live DJing


guitar music

Worship: Praise and worship music songs with Christian gospel, rock, and alternative



World Beats: World beats from the middle east, Asia, Europe, and many more.



Rock:Rock music, heavy metal, old rock and roll, with many other blends


Music for your MSO

Mediamplify Music is a streaming product available to end users and tailored for Smart TV, IPTV, mobile, and cable subscriptions.  Mediamplify Music offers musical streaming channel for Cable and Telecommunications Operators. This music product brings access to millions of songs and broadcasting content available in several countries of the world.  Our content is available in multiple formats and can be licensed from us at an affordable rate.  Additionally, radio station scan partner with us and build their own Pandora-like experience and offer their radio signal for sale to IPTV, Smart TVs, and cable systems.

Mediamplify provides applications and software to enable wide distribution of this musical content, a full experience of Music for Cable Operators and Telecommunication Carriers.

Musical-Wallpapers  power-of-music Music5  music-luv-2-ipod music-music-33355145-3888-2592 music     salsa music

Mediamplify Music also offers other genres:  World Beats, Nostalgia, Electronic, Speciality and many more. For a full channel lineup of Mediamplify Music you can download it  Music Lineup. All these music for cable operators lineup.

You can find some brochures and documentation available to you in english and spanish. Mediamplify is your alternative platform for Music for Cabel Operators. We bring the cloud to your Cable TV system. Feel free to reach us via email: or call us at 561-869-4446

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