Mediamplify Platform

Cloud to Cable

The Mediamplify Platform is a service oriented cloud-based architecture to deliver multimedia content to web, mobile,  cable/satellite and telecommunication’s IPTV Systems. Mediamplify uses its cloud and patent-pending technologies to deliver content in a reliable and fault-tolerant fashion to mission critical systems in cable operators, also our cloud-based infrastructure has been tested with millions of requests and thousands of users.

Mediamplify is a one-stop shop multimedia distribution platform.

Mediaplify-ApproachMany traditional systems delivery audio and video over satellite feeds, and also IP-based to mobile terminals, CDNs, and others. Creating in many cases complicated, cost inefficient and cumbersome experiences to update, deliver, change, and distribute their media content. Mediamplify is a one stop shop, where your multimedia content is seamlessly delivered from one platform to all devices including traditional cable/satellite. Our system allows synchronization of your media content with many devices and outlets, starting with IPTV viewers at your cable operator, as well as web clients on mobile terminals,  WebTV Set Top Boxes, tablets, desktop and many others.

Cloud-based Platform Delivery for Music/Video Streaming

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