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Mediamplify Platform

A platform for OTT and multimedia delivery of music, TV, videos, with membership access, APIs, music widgets, and a great variety of features to support your MSO/Cable Operator or Telco.

Cloud to Cable TV

Cloud to Cable TV requires a server appliance that connects with the MEDIAMPLIFY Cloud with your local cable operator. As part of the licensing package you may request access to our Mediaploug. The MediaPlug can work with any cloud-based service. We have integration services to enable it to work with any provider.

Wireless and Mobile Technologies

EGLA has a partnership with Mobility Workx, LLC  to license the patents:

  • Patent Porfolio

    MobileCAD Technology and Patetns (7,231,330)

  • Mobile IPP

    LTE X2 Handover (7,697,508 and 8,213,417)

300 to 3000K

MobileCAD Unit


Mobile IPP


Mobile Phone Licensees


Emulated Base Stations

Our Intellectual Property

Power of the Cloud

The power of the cloud in your hands, use your own private cloud or create your own appliance to deliver Music and TV content to Cable TV, a boat, university environments, and private businesses.

Casting Support

Enable your content to be casted from your mobile phone or from any of our appliances. Mediamplify and MEVIA can be delivered in your own hardware, our cloud can be leveraged with great additional features.

Mediamplify Platform

TV, Video, and Music content delivery to Cable Operators and MSOs while being an Over-the-Top (OTT) solution with a great mobile experience.

Grow your Revenues

By reusing your own cloud, billing, authentication, and other parameters, media and broadcasters can create products and services for their subscribers, reducing costs, specially as a Telco operator or MSO.

Adaptive Bit Rates

Our platform enables content to be delivered with the latest streaming protocols such as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), RTMP, and many others, including adaptive bit rate.


Syndicate your content and provision Cable Operators, MSOs, and TelCos with your content or any additional services you may want to offer to your subscribers and affiliates.


Our Experienced Engineers
RF, Python, C/C++, Drivers, Emulation Experts

Our expertise expands high-tech fields in the areas of mobile development, cloud-based computing, analytics, quality assurance, software engineering, video streaming, and many more.

90%HTML and Responsive Screens
95%Software Engineering: Cloud, Mobile, Embedded

Latest News

Mevia: A tool for e-Learning

Besides being an entertainment and multiMEVIA, MEVIA is suitable for e-Learning and delivering educational content to end users.


The EGLA team has been working very hard on getting MEVIA completed and ready for IOS and Android store. We have a big lineup of TV and Music Stations available for our subscribers in Cable TV Networks, Telco's, or anyone buying subscriptions directly from us.

Bluetooth Low Energy for Android and iOS

Bluetooth Low Energy button is now supported by our Android and IOS applications.