Live TV Content

Thousands of TV channels from all over the world available to you

Custom Cloud

Cable operators, businesses, and universities can create a custom storage cloud to load TV, Videos, Music/Audio and enable our MultiMevia Experience

Android TV

The Android TV application works on many Set Top Boxes and Supports Android TV/Smart TV

Casting Support

Media can detect and display all music, TV, and videos to your Chromecast or Apple TV

MultiMEVIA for your Mobile

EGLA has designed MEVIA with a great User Experience for the end-user,
watch videos, listen to some music, cast it, and access our
safety menu.  Configure access and connect to
your favorite cloud provider or cable provider of your choice.
All in one application.


Amazing Features

  • Clean Design

    Great mobile experience with our content or what you decide to watch and listen.

  • Custom TV Channels

    Choose from 100s of TV channels from all over the world, choose your cable operator and display all lineup plus additional line up. All available in mobile and for casting to your Google Chromecast or Airplay device.

  • Safety Feature

    Safety feature brings your location to your friends and associates, supports Bluetooth Low Energy button (Sold Separately).  The app sends your GPS location to a friend or a family member.

Mevia IPhone Alone
  • Fast Connect

    Our cloud platform is high-performance, we pride with the fastest and reliable experience for TV, Videos, and music

  • Free updates

    All Updates are free for MEVIA. Download your app and create an account in our site to start enjoying our multimevia experience

  • 200+ Music Channels

    Choose from 200 music channels or more, specially mastered by our DJs including all genres. In some cases, also available from your mobile operator

Some Facts






TV Channels


Music Channels

App Screenshot

Cloud To Cable

Our MEVIA appliance is provisioned to deliver live TV and music channels to your cable headend without the satellite.

Change your TV lineup a-la-carte, select what you want your audience to watch while you provision the same or more content for the MEVIA App. Enable your subscribers to cast your content or view it in their Set Top Box at home

Fault-tolerant system enables quick recovery and high reliability for both Music and TV channels for your MSO lineup.

Bring the cloud to the cable operator, and the broadcaster to the cloud. Our platform enables broadcasters to be more efficient and enables a one platform for all needs.


Wow! A great application for MSO, Universities, Businesses, and More

Bring your own content, combine it with ours, decide to broadcast to Cable TV, mobile, web, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV, everywhere.

CloudtoCable Merging together the worlds of cloud and cable TV

Our platform brings together the worlds of cloud and Cable TV, all in one! The True MultiMEVIA experience. Mobile, Casting, and Digital Video Broadcasting.  Watch the Video!

Our Team

Our team members have a great variety of experiences and expertise in cloud-based platforms,
mobile, embedded development, Cable TV systems, and have created
software and patents in use in millions of devices worldwide.

Edwin Hernandez, PhD


Rafa Reyes

QA/Bus Dev

Claude Joasil

UX/UI Designer

Maria Sylvia Riquezes

Business Development

Alcides Hernandez, PhD

Founder/LATAM Operations

Salvador Sibecas

Technical Advisor

David Collodi


Daniel Easo


Latest News

EGLA and MEVIA’s latest news and updates from our product(s)

Mevia: A tool for e-Learning

Besides being an entertainment and multiMEVIA, MEVIA is suitable for e-Learning and delivering educational content to end users.


The EGLA team has been working very hard on getting MEVIA completed and ready for IOS and Android store. We have a big lineup of TV and Music Stations available for our subscribers in Cable TV Networks, Telco's, or anyone buying subscriptions directly from us.

Bluetooth Low Energy for Android and iOS

Bluetooth Low Energy button is now supported by our Android and IOS applications.

MEVIA Music : Mobile and Cable TV

MEVIA provides Mediamplify Music for Cable Operators, Mobile Operators, and content for DVB Systems also available in mobile devices.

Event Calendar

Event calendar with special dates for upcoming releases, trade shows, interviews, and future milestones.


Release Beta Version MEVIA for Android

MEVIA is preparing a launch for Android followed by the iOS application. On July 22nd, 2016, we expect to launch the app for Beta and submit it to

Meeting in New York

We will be meeting with partners in NYC for media and other investment opportunities. News soon.  

Meet Students at FAU

  We held a meeting with ECE students at FAU and great talent will join us as interns and future engineers.

Pricing Table

Sample pricing for MEVIA and application access




  •  Free Standard Definition TV
  •  1000 TV channels in SD
  •  200 Music Channels
  •  Ad supported content
  •  Maximum viewing and listening time per day




  • 1000 TV Channels SD/HD
  •  200 Music Channels
  •  No Ads or commercials (Except from Channel content)
  •  Worldwide Content (US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asis, Australia)
  •  MEVIA App for iOS and Android
  •  Access to Videos and on-demand content (Movies, TV shows, and more)




  •  Private Cloud
  •  Private TV and Music Channels
  •  Cloud Storage
  •  Add a-la carte TV/Music content
  •  Support for HD/SD/4K TV links (360 Player)
  •  Casting for Chromecast and Apple TV

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Mevia App is available to download from the application stores available for iOS and Android devices.

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